A Reference Format For Eye Tracking Data

Datasets of images annotated with eye tracking data constitute important ground truth for the development of saliency models, which have applications in many areas of electronic imaging. While comparisons and reviews of saliency models abound, similar comparisons among the eye tracking databases themselves are rare.

A common issue with using the data from the various datasets is that their formats vary a lot owing to the nature of tools used for eye movement recordings, and often specialized code is required to use the data for further analysis. To address these issues, we propose a common reference format for eyetracking data and provide conversion routines for 16 existing image eyetracking databases to that format.

The tools are released under a creative commons license and can be downloaded here: x-eye.zip. The zip-file is encrypted; please email us for the password.

More details about the format can be found in the following paper:

S. Winkler, F. M. Savoy, R. Subramanian.
X-Eye: A reference format for eye tracking data to facilitate analyses across databases.
Proc. IS&T/SPIE Human Vision & Electronic Imaging, vol. 9014, San Francisco, CA, Feb. 2-6, 2014.

Please cite the above paper if you use the X-Eye tools.