Singapore Whole sky Nychthemeron Image SEGmentation Database

The SWINySEG dataset contains 6768 daytime- and nighttime-images of sky/cloud patches along with their corresponding binary ground truth maps. The images in the SWINySeg dataset are taken from two of our earlier sky/cloud image segmentation datasets -- SWIMSEG and SWINSEG. Representative sample images are shown below.


All images were captured in Singapore using WAHRSIS, a calibrated ground-based whole sky imager, over a period of 12 months from January to December 2016. The ground truth annotation was done in consultation with experts from Singapore Meteorological Services.

The dataset is released under a creative commons license. Please fill out this form to receive the download instructions.

More details about the dataset can be found in the following paper:

S. Dev, A. Nautiyal, Y. H. Lee, S. Winkler.
CloudSegNet: A deep network for nychthemeron cloud image segmentation.
IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters, 2019.

Please cite the above paper if you use the SWINySEG dataset.