Multimodal Profiling Analytics


Singapore represents a vibrant trade and service-oriented economy. It is inherently a multi-racial society and home to a truly diverse populace. The varied cultures and demographics of this country present unique challenges as well as opportunities for government agencies, businesses, and service providers alike. In this environment, understanding the demographics, preferences, and affective states of people will be highly beneficial for commerce, urban safety, security, and many other areas.


The aim of our multimodal profiling analytics (MMPA) project is recognizing individuals’ attributes. We are considering multiple long-term attributes (age, gender, ethnicity, personality type) together with short-term or transient attributes (gait/posture, affect, attention, fatigue, engagement), using both explicit and subtle cues. Our MMPA approach involves the use of multiple sensor modalities (visual, cognitive, and physiological) as well as combining different information sources to infer the aforementioned attributes for informed decision-making.

Application Areas

We focus on two application areas where we believe profiling will be particularly beneficial:


Please refer to our publications.

Below is a video showcasing our facial expression analysis technology.