Welcome to the home of the Vision & InterAction Group (Vintage)

Vintage is part of the Advanced Digital Sciences Center (ADSC), the Singapore-based research center of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), set up with funding from Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR).

Led by Dr. Stefan Winkler, Vintage's research focuses on perception-based image/video processing and analysis.

News & Events

[13-Jan-2017] Stefan Winkler co-founded Opsis to commercialize our technology for facial expression analytics and emotion recognition.

[9-Jan-2017] One more NTU student join us for her final year project (FYP).

[12-Nov-2016] Congratulations to Vassilios Vonikakis, Viet Dung Nguyen, and Yasin Yasizi for coming in 2nd place in group-level emotion recognition at the 4th Emotion Recognition in the Wild Challenge (EmotiW) at the ACM International Conference on Multimodal Interaction (ICMI) 2016! We also have a paper describing our submission.

[25-Oct-2016] Stefan Winkler gave a keynote talk at the 6th European Workshop on Visual Information Processing (EUVIP).

[8-Aug-2016] 4 NTU students join us for their final year projects (FYP).

[18-Jul-2016] Jannis Born joins us from Uni Osnabrück for an internship.

[11-Jul-2016] Sandra Romero-Pinto joins us from EPFL for an internship.

[13-Jun-2016] Zhanibek Rsybek from Nazarbayev University and Husam Musleh from JUST join us as interns.

[3-May-2016] Our Singapore Whole sky IMaging SEGmentation Database (SWIMSEG) has been released.

[9-Mar-2016] A slightly updated version of our highly popular FaceScrub Dataset has been released.

[7-Jan-2016] Yasin Yazıcı and Tran Nguyen Le join our group as PhD students.